.:: another chapter of my LIFE ::.
By: siti nurkhadijah zainal abidin

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Monday, 11-Dec-2006 22:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
ujang n nasrul beshday

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Thursday, 30-Nov-2006 22:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
launching ixora

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Sunday, 26-Nov-2006 11:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
muhibbah dinner

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well its muhibbah dinner.
erms, as been said its organized by SRC n UPG. coorganized by sum societies.
tis dinner, i wud say it turns "hmmm" (for those who went to tat dinner really undrstand it).
i cudnt really say it, bt above all, i jez enjoy muhself wif mansur, hanafi n afiq as well as witf src excos.
those pics tells everythin. tho im not really gud at takin pics. huhuhu.
ill try to improve time to time. hehehe.

Saturday, 23-Sep-2006 12:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
manyak2 makn

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yippieee... ere we are... umbai nyum2..

aitez, 2 day a day b4 fasting.
yosh. we went there aitez afta tarawikh.
n tonite its rainin heavily. [malam barakah]

so, wt we waitin for? nuthin...
jez wait for the rain to stop.

arnd 1015pm we gathered up in front of ixora.
only 4 of us - me, mansur, den n afiq.
we went to umbai to haf sahur.
sahur ke? x awai shangat ke? buley2... save dlm prot till 2moro sahur.

nuthin much happenin happen.
jez we ate n oh yaaa...
there's one gal. who's very2 scared of those cats under da table... who eyhhh,,,?
do i knoe her?
huhuhu... i dun think so. hehehe...

well, nuthin much 2 say...
jez a wish to every muslims in the world...

"Selamat Menyambut bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 1427H. Moga disirami barakah di dalam bulan ini dan tingkatkan amalan sempena bulan mulia ini. Insya ALLAH. amin~"

Saturday, 16-Sep-2006 21:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
cyber -> sGwaNg -> kLcC -> cyber -> mLk

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payah gakz nk bajet time dlm lif ni nk amek gambo...
cam cite mission impossible plakz.

nieh pn payah cikitz nk bajet cz sol tueh tinggi, so nk bajet mane kiri n kanan terlebey pn payah gakz, n bucho0ok tgh drive, n nk bajet time kt traffic lights. last2 tis is da besh pix.

so, tis time around we went jln2 2 cyber.
da main purpose is 2 settle da payments for da food (lunch) we alredy made.
n another purpose is to release tension b4 da final xm.
actually 2day we shud haf an event called le tour de cyberjaya.
bt unfortunately, due 2 unavoided problems occured, da trip has 2 b canceled.

afta all da payments has been settled, we decided to hang out to kL wherebout to go to sg wang, low yatt and kLcc or miDvaLLEY for movie screening.
only 4 of us - me, mansur, sol n nasrul went there.
lina cant join us due to her relative jez gave birth. so her family have to visit that family.
(cam klako je ayat tueh, mmm taram je. i know my english is da$& *tut*)

due to limited time, we only went to sg Wang n kLcc.
we jez walked arnd sg Wang n bought nothin
hehehe. we lost for few mins n looking for exit to enter da low yatt.
limited time (again) we cudnt find de exit , n enter low yatt plaza.
i jez cudnt rememba wic door to use.

bt nvm, we ended up to haf lunch+dinner (dinner gakz ke? kenyang ke?) at mcD.
choosin wic restaurant 2 go as well, take few mins. hehehe
last2 g je mcD, less ppl to Q'd up.

then, afta ate, we went to kLcc to watch sum comedy/horror/thriller movie.
haaahhh... last2 ngk cite my heart.
mmm, regret? a bit, bt those songs in dat movie, quite oke la.
bt out of 5 stars, i wud giv 2.3 kutz for dat movie.
huhuhu... i wud prefer to watch horror movie such as ghost game or ...?
nvm, we did haf gr8 time there

still, only few pixs to share, due to limited space in my hp.

bt still, we enjoy ourselves during that moments...

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